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All-Electric Tow Vehicles

Choosing an appropriate tow vehicle depends on several varying factors, some of which include the type of terrain, the number of passengers you intend to carry, the inclines/declines that you must navigate, and the length of time you plan to drive on any given day. In the past, this job was left solely to the large, expensive, and otherwise unattractive tug type vehicles.

With the age of "green" now fully upon us and the seemingly daily technological advancements in the electric motor industry there is luckily a new kid in town. With the industrial electric vehicle line from Motrec you can easily haul up to 50,000 lbs without relying on a single drop of gasoline. What's even better is Motrec vehicles cost about half as much as their gas-guzzling counterparts and depending on conditions can easily give you a full shift's worth of hauling.

Contact us for specification and pricing information as the appropriate vehicle can vary depending on conditions.

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