Yamaha Utility Golf Car

Utility Golf Cars

We understand that not all jobs are created equal. Unfortunately, most utility vehicles out there are. Why should you be expected to adapt to your vehicles when they can be created exactly as you need them, and for less than stock models available elsewhere? This is where we come in.

The process is simple, you start with one of three standard sized beds and from there you add the components that make your work easier. Need just a standard flatbed? Easy enough. Choose from a solid side bed with tail gate for total cargo control, or instead add removable stake sides for optimum versatility. Need protection from the elements? No problem. Enclose the bed with a sealed box and then add shelving for maximum capacity and storage. Add insulation and rack mount shelving and you instantly have a catering vehicle, it’s that easy.

Flatbed Golf Cars

Flatbed Utility Golf Cars

Tried and true, our flatbed golf cars are ready for anything you throw at them.  Available in virtually any size you need we’ve got the total solution right here.

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Enclosed Hauler Golf Cars

Enclosed Hauler Golf Cars

For those with specialized needs we offer customizable enclosed golf car haulers.  Whether you're hauling linen, to equipment, to tonight’s main course, we build them just how you need them.

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